The furnace department and fusion of the Foundry is a perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Abandoned hand-made furnaces made up of refractory bricks, the foundry now uses two powerful ovens, one large and one medium that can bake 13 cubic meters of shapes inside them.
With a total of seven days, the cooking process provides a maximum 850 ° temperature, achieved at various steps, and a gradual cooling cycle. During the process the wax inside the molds in the lotus disappears, leaving in its place an interspace that will be filled by cast cast metal inside.
The actual casting process remains the classic one in bronze ingots. These are placed in the crucible and through a powerful professional forge brought to the temperature of 1150 ° C and cast into the molds.
The subsequent opening and blasting stages, which are devoted to two wards, will remove all impurities from the cast pieces, which will be conveyed to the finishing and patina department.

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