Planning and development

Starting from a model, scanning, photo or drawing, the Foundry is able to support all the needs of the artist, from the idea to the development of the sculptural design in every dimension and style, thanks to its craftsmen and specialized departments providing every kind of indispensable on-site service, without further intermediaries.

Working inside the Foundry

The Foundry offers in its laboratories the facility to work directly on your own project and follow it step by step, working alongside highly skilled craftsmen.
The company is also equipped with a large sculpture studio, drawn from an ancient railway construction, dedicated to enlargements and residences of artists, if they want to model their own works by yourself. The studio is equipped with facilities, air conditioning, kitchen and a bedroom in an open space.

Logistic support, on-site assembly and assistance

The Fonderia Versiliese uses the best professionals in the field of shipments, providing our team with technical support in the transport and on-site installation of the artwork.
In the case of long-standing jobs, the company provides post-sales support for more conservation of the work.