Founded in 1975 by Gino Lucarini as “Ascanio”, a great artisan formed in the ’50s / 60s working alongside great artists, the Fonderia Artistica Versiliese has always been involved in the realization of important works that have allowed to spread the fusion culture in bronze, as well as that of his city, Pietrasanta, all over the world with sculptures of particular monumental and artistic value placed in the United States, Europe or the Far East.

With great dedication from the three sons, Tiberius, Franco and Gabriele, the company still faithfully maintains the values ​​on which it was founded: the craftsmanship, the valorization of every single piece realized, the spirit of flexibility and renewal in respect of traditions craft.

The spirit of entrepreneurship and the founding principles of the “Versiliese” have made it possible to collaborate with both emerging and international artists such as Fernando Botero, Alicia Penalba, Giò Pomodoro, Sandro Chia and many others. The realization of artistically and culturally important projects such as reproduction of the Doors of the Paradise by Lorenzo Ghiberti of the Baptistery of Florence.

Fonderia deals mainly with the artistic art of metal making, through the ancient wax casting method, contemporary sculptures, classics and design complementaries. Starting from models in clay, plaster, wood or even 3D files, the company uses mainly bronze processing and a wide selection of metals by performing any kind of satin or gloss finish as well as countless types of patina.

The company is divided into specialized departments dedicated to each step of the lost wax casting: modeling and forming section, wax section, casting department, finishing and coating department. Moreover thanks to the well-studied study Fonderia is able to perform enlargements / reductions through pantographs or using the most modern digital 3D scanning technology.

El Centinela del Río, Manuel Carbonell, Miami 1999